Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More of South Dakota

Tuesday, August 11

We started out early this morning, not knowing what traffic we would encounter in the Badlands.
Our first stop was at the infamous Wall Drug, home of the nickel coffee and free cold water! Really a #1 tourist trap. They have changed it since I was last here. We spent little time here.
Wall Drug, Wall, S.D.

So off we headed to the Badlands National Park. As Joan said: "How could anyone have survived living here?" But people did! Both the Lakota Indians and the homesteaders shaped this land. The Park consists of three units. The North Unit is the best known and it includes 64,000 wilderness acres of the 240,000 total acres. There really is no way to describe it. So look at some of the pictures I have taken and enjoy!

Entrance Sign to the Badlands N.P.

The Badlands

Cedar Pass, Badlands N.P.

Yellow Mounds, Badlands N.P.

So tomorrow brings us to the last scheduled stop on our journey. One may continue on East ward to visit friends and family. One has a wedding to attend in the near future. And the third is just going home.

The TTT's .......hoping the rats don't eat the Corn Palace until we have seen it.


  1. If the Corn Palace is anything like Wall Drug, it may be best that the rats eat it before you get there!

    Great pics, Mom.

    Love you!!!

  2. Hey there,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your great pics! It sounds like you ladies are having a lot of fun. I hope you have enjoyed your time in South Dakota. You'll have to visit us again, if you get a chance!

    SD Office of Tourism